"I Just Need A Break" - Famous Last Words

breakthrough Jun 19, 2021

Have you ever thought, "If I could just get a break"?

Are you stuck in hurtful, even toxic relationship patterns and you can't seem to get out of them.

As women, we help everyone else to a fault, but we need to help ourselves too.

I'm Michelle Rene', Michelle Rene' Hammer and I get you because I've been you!

And that's why I started Crowned Courageous Coaching...

To help women, Christian women, stuck in hurtful,  even toxic relationship patterns BREAKTHROUGH to healthier and happier connections so they can be set free to be ALL that GOD has called them to be.

Ladies, we help everyone else. YOU help everyone else.

Isn't it time you helped yourself? Tag on a link. Order the FREE E-book. Set up a STRATEGY SESSION - They're FREE too!

And start today getting yourself that BREAKTHROUGH!

Today is the day you can start getting SET FREE.

I'm Michelle Rene', Michelle Rene Hammer.

I know where you've been because I've been you and I am hoping you'll invest in you today.